April 27, 2016

Can You Make Money Without Spending Money In Internet Marketing?

Can You Make Money Without Spending Money In Internet Marketing?

Any business that we do, either it’s online or offline, both have its pros and cons. Both have risk and both require some form of investment. Both will have its ups and downs too.


So you must be willing to learn about the business and do research stuff – these things requires a lot of time and effort, but it’s necessary. Even till today, I’m still reading blogs, watching videos and even buying products (that’s useful for the business I’m in right now) – I’d study what works for other people and see if I can apply that in my business as well.


And although I’ve had success with my offline business, I’ve also loss a lot of money before. When you open a physical shop, you’d have to spend on renovations, rentals, equipment etc and that’s just the start up cost. You’ll have to find staff and manage them. Then you’d probably have to work out the marketing strategy and probably spend money on advertising as well. And you most likely won’t see any profit in the first few months either. Of course, if you managed to get through all these obstacles, you might just end up with a very lucrative business.


So perhaps that’s why many people turn to online business instead. However, the common mistake that I see people make, including myself (before) was thinking that we don’t need to spend much money in doing an online business. Someone once even asked me “Can I make money online without spending anything at all?” Well, honestly you can – just put up an Affiliate Offer on a free site like Youtube or Blogger, and maybe somebody would find your offer and you’ll make a commission/sale. But that’s really putting things to chance.


So if you’re really serious about making money online – first and foremost, learn about it. You can learn it for free – watch what other people are doing, read their blogs, join business groups and talk to people, ask for advice. I didn’t do any of that when I first started so I kind of got lost. Once you have a certain idea of what you want to do, maybe Affiliate Marketing or Video Marketing, there’s nothing wrong with buying related products because you are investing in your own business. What you don’t want to do is jump from one thing to another each time you see a ‘shinny object’ (Well, I made this mistake myself, but you don’t have to).


You see, Affiliate Marketing works, Video Marketing works, so many things works and I can say that for a fact because I’ve done it and I have friends who are making lots of money doing it as well. The problem is that it takes money and time… It takes money and time to learn these things, to put the things into action and most likely it takes time to see results. How much money and time you ask? Well, I don’t have an exact figure or answer for you. But I can tell you this – I myself have spent thousand of dollars on just learning about IM stuff, buying products and implementing the business. I’m not making thousands per month right now but I can say that I understand the business better today and I know which way or how I want to take my business to, which I didn’t know when I first started out and I wouldn’t have figured it out if not for all the failures or mistake I made on this journey.


But because it’s such a long journey, people tend to move on to the next thing they see, before any result starts kicking in. The truth is, building an online business is just like building an offline business – you’ve got to work on it, do more stuff like maybe work on marketing strategies or maybe even spend some money on advertising, whatever.


So my advice again is – do some research about what you want to venture into. Before I started creating my videos, I asked advice from some people who have been doing it longer than me (people I didn’t even know). And it’s ok to do so because you’ll find that most people are actually really helpful.


So my thoughts on this is really that ‘You can’t make money, without spending any money even in Internet Marketing’.


Well, I hope you find this topic useful and don’t forget to grab my FREE Blogging Expert Crash Course to find out what makes a profitable blog. And of course if you have anything else to share yourself, please drop your comments here, I’d love to hear from you. That’s all for now. Thanks for dropping by!

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