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What Is The Difference Between A Website, Webpage, Lading Page, Sales Page and Squeeze Page – And How Do Marketers Use Pages To Make Money Online?

Back when I just started learning about online marketing some years ago, I learned how to set up my own website and then blog about various products on my site. Of course, I’ve made money from my sites but over the years, I learned there’s more ways to making money online than just creating a website. This is when I discovered about PAGES.   There are some pages that you might hear people talk about, and it could be confusing what these pages actually are sometimes. But once you understand what the differences are, you will know how to best use them in your business and marketing campaigns. Anyway, I’ll try to lay them out as simple as I could for you.   What Is A Website vs Webpage A website is a collection of web pages. Usually, a website has various information on a particular subject/topic. And instead of... Readmore

What Is Article Marketing?

Article Marketing is basically when someone writes a piece of content (text articles) and distributes them to online platforms such as article directories, forums and newsletter publishers, as well as offline media such as magazines and newspapers. Article Marketing is... Readmore

What Is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing makes it possible for companies to market anything directly to a person or a group of people using email. Either we are aware of it or not, we are all probably a part of some company’s Email Marketing... Readmore

What Is CPA Marketing?

First of all, CPA stands for ‘Cost Per Action’, or also ‘Cost Per Acquisition’. CPA Marketing actually works the same way as Affiliate Marketing except that it does not rely on confirmed sales. Instead, you get paid a commission when... Readmore

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing was truly the first form of marketing that generated me a monthly income online and that’s why I believe in it till today. Did you know that there are a lot of people that make thousands of dollars... Readmore

How I use Video Marketing (Live Case Study)

  People have asked me about how I use Video Marketing and how did it helped me in my business. Well, I’ve done various things before like selling on eBay, writing blogs and so on. I used to do a... Readmore

Why You Should Create Your Own Mobile Games?

Mobile Games has become such a lucrative market. So I did a little research what are some of the ways people you can benefit from having your own mobile game. I also took a look at some of the mobile... Readmore

Affiliate Marketing With Videos

Video marketing is a new advertising tool that is nowadays used by many companies to advertise their products and services through internet. Video marketing is mostly used as a supplement for advertising ion internet. Video advertising are mostly used by... Readmore

Top Video Sharing Sites

The internet has always presented numerous advantages in almost all aspects of life. For instance,, with the emergence and rise of video sharing websites; anyone can now upload and download their videos. The sites allows anyone even those who have... Readmore

List Building With Videos

One of the major mistake you can do to your business site is to bombard it with several popups. This can be very frustrating on the part of your visitors. If you are on their shoes and you visit a... Readmore

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