February 24, 2016

How I use Video Marketing (Live Case Study)

How I use Video Marketing (Live Case Study)


People have asked me about how I use Video Marketing and how did it helped me in my business. Well, I’ve done various things before like selling on eBay, writing blogs and so on. I used to do a lot of SEOs, article writing and blog post… there were so much to do just to get just one of the products I was promoting ranked in Google (*being on page 1 of Google can help you attract the most amount of viewers/traffic and therefore help increases your sales).


But with all the efforts put in, it was still pretty difficult to achieve. Probably because, there are thousands of other people promoting the same, if not similar product as I was. And even if you managed to get ranked on page 1 of Google, Google could still have that listing removed in a split second (Yes, it has happened to me!). Why? I can’t really explain it, because I don’t quite understand how Google operates. But as what I know (in a layman’s term), there’s this thing people call as Google algorithm and it’s always changing. And this is what’s going to determine where (or which page) your product listing is going to land on Google.


In 2015, I then turned to Video Marketing to promote a product I was selling Amazon (as shown in the video) and this is where I discovered that Video Marketing really works, even better than doing SEO! With just 1 video, I was not only able to pull traffic from Google, but the video also got ranked easily in youtube and I was pulling in traffic from there as well. So I did less work and I got better results… Cool right?


So watch the video above to see a live case study of my own Amazon product and how I was able to rank faster in Google by using Video Marketing. And don’t forget to grab my FREE Special Video Marketing report too!




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