January 28, 2016

How To Use Your FREE Animated Talking Mascots

How To Use Your FREE Animated Talking Mascots

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I really hope you like the mascots that I made for you all. If you haven’t download them already, go on ahead and get them! Watch the video below to see how you can use them in your projects. I’ll also show you how to create these kind of mascots without having to design them yourself and also create GIF animation with them. I’ve also provided some short notes below the videos for easier reference.


How to use the PNG & GIF characters

When you download the mascots, you are going to get the PNG, GIF and MP4 files. The PNG comes with a transparent background so you can put in on top of any background image you want. For the animated GIFs, you can use them in your blog, PowerPoint presentations and it will work just fine. I would advise you to use lighter background colors with these GIF images because the white lines around the images are more obvious if you use a dark background color (this sometimes happens during the GIF conversion).


How you can use the Mp4 files

If you want to use these characters for your video projects however, the GIF animation might not work with your video editing software and that’s why I created the Mp4 format for you. I’ve set the canvas size to 1280px X 720px, and I’ve set the animation to run for 60sec. You can use them with any software that recognizes mp4 format, and most of them do. I will show you a quick example on how to use them in 2 different software – iMovie and Explandio.


Where to get the mascot characters

Now, it’s possible to draw each individual characters yourself but that would really take a long time. So I created these mascots from the Character Pack from LaughingBird Software. You have a variety of characters to choose from, with different poses and a also all sorts of assets to choose from, which is really great. There are a few 2 ways that you can edit them:

  1. If you are more familiar with designing works, then you can download the characters separately and edit them in software like Photoshop (that’s what I did). This will allow you to have more editing more options.
  2. But if you don’t want to spend time on editing them, what you can do is edit your mascots in Laughingbird’s software itself. You can use all the pre-made elements provided for you in the software or add your own elements as well.


How to create your own GIF animation

One easy way to convert your file into GIF is using online tools like It’s free and very easy to use. All you need is to upload your characters and just click ‘Create Animation’. Once ready, you can download and save it on your computer.


Happy creating!

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