February 28, 2016

Is Voice Over Important For Your Video?

Is Voice Over Important For Your Video?

Back in the days when I was involved in video production, we used to hire professional voice over talents for mostly all of our video works or advertisements. The talents would be carefully selected through a voice over audition or based on their previous works. Having a great voice over for your video is just as important as creating a great video and all video production companies till today understands this.

Just imagine, when you are watching a video or an advertisement, doesn’t matter on your computer or tv screen, the narrator’s voice do tend to influence your actions – that is, whether to keep watching it or skip to a different video. Hence, a good voice over can help make or break your video.


The Benefits of Voice Over for Your Video


The human touch

You see, professional voice over talents would know how to best convey emotions like happiness, overwhelmed, excitement, strength and so on (through their voice). For example, if your video is about hair loss, then the voice talent should know how to convey the ‘feeling’ of compassion for the sufferer. Or perhaps your video is on baby products, then you’d probably want to convey a joy and happy feeling instead.


Showcase your personality

The right mood or feel can have a great impact on the listeners while watching your video. It’s a great tool to showcase your brands’ image (like whether it’s fun or sophisticated) and also how you want your customers to relate to you (like perhaps you are a friendly corporation).


Boost your credibility

A smooth and confident voice over can also add trust and credibility to your brand or company. It would also be great to use a native voice talent for the country your video is targeted at, as the audience would be more receptive to it.


Persuade your audience

Having a good and trustworthy voice over for your video can also help persuade your audience to take certain steps or make a decision (example buying a product).


Recording Your Own Voice Over

You can record your own voice over for all your videos. But if you’re not really experienced, then I suggest you listen to a few similar examples and get some ideas how to do it. Try and rehearse till you get the tone that you like, then start recording. You can record a few tracks and then select the best one you like.

  • Of course, the equipment you use for your voice recording and the surrounding environment will also affect the output quality. Here’s a few pointers you can use:
  • Record your voice over in a contained room (not open spaces).
  • Sound proof the room by stuffing some clothe under the door and window panes (to reduce the outside noise from coming in).
  • Use a microphone with a stand – the recording will sound more consistent.
  • Use a headphone to listen back to your recording, as you’ll be able to hear it more clearly.
  • Use a voice recording software that you can edit to remove unwanted background sounds that was recorded as well.

Hiring a Professional Voice Over Talent

If you’re thinking a bout hiring a talent, then you might want to check out VoiceBunny. They really have a large selection of voice talents ranging from young children to adult voices, as well from many different native languages. You even have a selection of singing talents for your video!

With VoiceBunny, I really like the fact that they really have a wide selection of talents, whom can cater to different types of video purposes (movie trailers, video games and so much more). They’ve also been around for quite a while and are known for the quality of their talents. To choose your talent, you can either pick from their database, get VoiceBunny to choose for you or create an audition and pick the best one you like. Nice!


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