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Types Of Animated Videos

There are many types of animated videos you can choose for your video projects. You can create fully animated videos based on real life objects or made up ones. You can combine still images with animations and you can even combine live footage videos (of people or objects) with animations too. Each types of video has it’s own strength and may be used in different types of video projects.   So Which Type of Video Is For You? Well, each of them has a different ‘feel’ to it and will appeal to your audience in different ways. And it all really depends on the video you’re creating. Say perhaps you’re creating an ‘Explainer’ video, then you might like to use the whiteboard or 2d animation style. Or if you’re creating a ‘Production Flow’ video, then maybe you’d like to use the Isometric style instead. Either ways, you should choose a... Readmore

What Is An Animated Video

First, let’s understand what animation is exactly. Animation is an illusion of motion (movement) created by a sequence display of static images. So to create an animated video (or even movie), the animation technique is used and captured into frames... Readmore

Is Voice Over Important For Your Video?

Back in the days when I was involved in video production, we used to hire professional voice over talents for mostly all of our video works or advertisements. The talents would be carefully selected through a voice over audition or... Readmore

List Building Legends Review – Newbie friendly training on ‘How complete beginners can build a MASSIVE Money Making Email List’

EPISODE 3 Click here for List Building Legends Review List Building Legends is a Newbie friendly training on ‘How complete beginners can build a MASSIVE Money Making Email List’. This training basically will show you how you can generate $300/per... Readmore

Using Live Actors For Your Videos

If you were thinking about using live action actor for your video, then the cost would be somewhat a little bit more expansive than creating say 2D animated video. However, if your video involves a lot of movement, like maybe... Readmore

The Logo Creator by LaughingBird Review – Logo Creator, Business Card Creator, Character Mascot Creator & The People Pak (4in1 Package)

EPISODE 2 Click here for LaughingBird The Logo Creator (4in1 Package) The Logo Creator by LaughingBird is a ‘drag-and-drop’ software that helps your create your own company or brand logos using customizable design templates. There is no designing skills required... Readmore

How I use Video Marketing (Live Case Study)

  People have asked me about how I use Video Marketing and how did it helped me in my business. Well, I’ve done various things before like selling on eBay, writing blogs and so on. I used to do a... Readmore

Zapped Games App Review – Build Your Own Mobile Game in 4 easy steps & Tap into the Lucrative Mobile Game Industry

EPISODE 1 Click here for Zapped Games Zapped Games is a point and click software that lets you build your own mobile game apps (in 4 simple steps), without having to do any of the coding or complex programming. There... Readmore

Why You Should Create Your Own Mobile Games?

Mobile Games has become such a lucrative market. So I did a little research what are some of the ways people you can benefit from having your own mobile game. I also took a look at some of the mobile... Readmore

How To Use Your FREE Animated Talking Mascots

Have You Download Them Already? Click here to Grab Them!   I really hope you like the mascots that I made for you all. If you haven’t download them already, go on ahead and get them! Watch the video below... Readmore

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