March 03, 2016

Types Of Animated Videos

Types Of Animated Videos

There are many types of animated videos you can choose for your video projects. You can create fully animated videos based on real life objects or made up ones. You can combine still images with animations and you can even combine live footage videos (of people or objects) with animations too. Each types of video has it’s own strength and may be used in different types of video projects.


So Which Type of Video Is For You?

Well, each of them has a different ‘feel’ to it and will appeal to your audience in different ways. And it all really depends on the video you’re creating. Say perhaps you’re creating an ‘Explainer’ video, then you might like to use the whiteboard or 2d animation style. Or if you’re creating a ‘Production Flow’ video, then maybe you’d like to use the Isometric style instead. Either ways, you should choose a style that best represents you and suits the message that you want to convey. To understand better, let’s take a look at some of the most popular video styles available:


1) Whiteboard Animation

This style of video uses the process of creative storytelling while drawing pictures on a plain background or so called the whiteboard.

2) Cutout Animation

Cutout animation is basically created by using props made from materials like paper, cards or fabrics. The props are then put together to form the video story line such as the one below.

3) 2D Animation

2D animation is often thought of as traditional animation. 2d graphics are created in two-dimensional environment, which displays a simple and clean look.

4) 3D Animation

In comparison to 2D animation, 3D has much more depth, and more realistic look.

5) Stop Motion Animation

This is an animation technique which physically manipulates an object to make it appear like it’s moving on its own. Items used for this technique are figure models like puppets or clay and sometimes human (for a comical effect).

6) Stick Figure Animation

Stick figure characters are simple and easy to identify. There are many forms of stick figure characters used in videos, below are some of the most common ones you’ll see:

7) Kinetic Typography Animation

This style uses lettering or words to capture the attention of its viewers. It’s either backed by a narrated voice or suitable background music to bring out the video message.

8) Animated Infographic

Infographic videos are great for videos that have a lot of facts and data to explain. It can educate viewers while still appear entertaining at the same time.

9) Augmented Reality

This video concept is somewhat more ‘futuristic’ and sleek looking. It basically uses live footage and enhanced the images/scenes in the video with animation.