February 26, 2016

Using Live Actors For Your Videos

Using Live Actors For Your Videos

If you were thinking about using live action actor for your video, then the cost would be somewhat a little bit more expansive than creating say 2D animated video. However, if your video involves a lot of movement, like maybe your video is about kung-fu training, then it would be much better to use live action actor as you can create more natural scenes as compared to using simple video animation.


There are a lot of things involved with this type of video production – the video equipment, sound equipment, lighting, venue (indoor or outdoor) and props are just some of things that needs to be considered. And that’s why the video production is more costly.


However, for certain types videos like with explainer videos, there are ways that you can you can outsource your video production for a very reasonable price these days. Here are some of the things that you can do:

  • Send the actor your physical product and voice script and outsource the whole production. Of course you’d have to brief them on things like where you’d want them to shoot the video and other notes that you’d like to include. Normally, these actors would already have some demo videos for you to check out their portfolio. So you can actually see whether their acting suits your product in the first place.
  • Using the greenscreen background. If you opt for this method, you’d still need to provide the actor the video script and discuss with them things like when to point to the greenscreen and so forth. Once the actor has produced the video and pass it to you, you then need to edit them and replace the greenscreen with your background or product image. Some of these actors might even have a few greenscreen sets for you to choose from such as full greenscreen background or newcaster style greenscreen background.


Where Can You Get Them?

While video production houses can give you really great quality video works, you must be prepared to stretch your budget a bit further. But if you are not able to, you still can get some good deals over on Fiverr starting from $5 only (Get 20% OFF on your first Fiverr order!). I’ve used live actors from Fiverr myself. With some adds on to the videos (like video length or music files), my videos generally costs around $20-$50 and I’m quite happy with the videos I got because that’s nothing compared to what you’d pay the production houses.



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