April 08, 2016

Who Am I

Who Am I


I’m just an average person, like anyone else, who’s gone through the ups and downs in life. And I don’t normally share the struggles I’ve gone through with people. But I’ve been doing business for years now, and I’ve seen how other people struggle or even quit trying in their business altogether. I’ve got to say, I truly understand the pains of trying to achieve anything in life and so I’m here to share my story with you…


I started my first offline business when I was 20 and I knew then that’s what I’d want to do with my life. The business was good but it went down just after 2 years. And since then, I’ve worked for corporations, I’ve done freelance jobs and I’ve had a couple of other businesses too (some of which is running till today) – I’ve made some good money and I’ve loss some good amount as well. I’d say that I had my fair share of the ‘roller coaster ride’ in the business world.


I Am Who I Am Today, Because Of What I Did Yesterday

When I was younger, my parents came into some financial difficulties and at 16, I decided to work as a part-time promoter after school – I worked 4 hours a day and a full shift on weekends and school holidays. Although it wasn’t easy, I learned a very valuable lesson back then.


tagNow, I didn’t know anything about sales, but I always tried to be helpful to all the customers and I would get customers saying to me like “I wish there were more people like you”, “I’m buying 3 of these because I like your customer service” and so on. These words really made me feel good about myself and it didn’t even matter that I wasn’t getting any commissions from the sales either (as part-timers were only paid an hourly wage).


But here’s the thing – the customers were happy with me so they bought the stuff I promoted and that meant good sales for the company/brand I was working for. I remembered once I made RM2000 ($500) sales in just 2 hours – selling RM30 ($7) neckties. Because I was bringing in good sales, other companies were trying to ‘pinch’ me to work for them, which resulted in me getting a higher salary than everyone else there. And with that, I was able to help my family by paying for my own school fees and even my brother’s too.


Valuable Lesson Learned:

Be sincere and helpful and good things will come later.


Quitting Was Never An Option

Although I quit my part-time job only 5 months before my big SPM exam (that’s something like O’ levels), I managed to get good grades (somehow) and a government scholarship to further my studies. For various reasons, I turned down the scholarship offer.


I then started working but after awhile, I realized that most of my friends were heading somewhere – they were either in University or College, and I was going to be left out eventually. Now, I really wanted to do Paintings or Arts & Designs (that’s always been my passion), but these courses were just too expensive. So instead I took up IT at a private college because it was just next to my office, had night classes and they also offered a monthly payment scheme.


I then used up all my savings for the first payment fee. At that time, I was earning RM1000 a month (on my day job) – RM600 monthly would go to the course, and after the EPF (retirement plan), transport and food expenses, there was 0 left in the bank. If that wasn’t bad enough – halfway through the course, I knew that this wasn’t for me and I really felt like quitting. However, because I had all my money invested in it, the only option I had was to finish the course and that’s what I did. Although I never worked in the IT line, my Diploma did help me get another job in a bigger corporation later.


Valuable Lesson Learned:

If you’ve invested all your money in something (education, business, whatever) – finish what you’ve started. Good things will come later.


Why I Was Only Doing Internet Marketing ‘Part-Time’

For years, I never really saw a way to make real money online. So I’ve always treated IM as a part-time thing. Furthermore, I’d have my offline business or my freelance work to keep me pretty busy. But like a lot of people, I was intrigued by stories of other people’s online success and so I ended up spending thousands of dollars on various products and courses on ‘How to make money online’.


I have practiced the stuff I learned – I sold stuff online, done SEO and Affiliate Marketing and so on. I made around $30-50/month with Affiliate Marketing on average but this was hardly anything considering the investment and efforts that I have to put into the business.


In 2013, I lost my brother in an accident and till today, this is probably the hardest thing for me to talk about… Before the accident though, we were both helping a relative of ours run his company and we had just secured an RM17mil ($4.25mil) project where I was supposed to receive RM300k ($70k) as commission. So for the next 2 years, most of my time went into this project and I basically let my IM business run on its own. Unfortunately, I got screwed – BIG TIME. And what took place during and after this ‘incident’ was something that you’d probably think only happens in the soap operas.


What Really Got Me Serious About Internet Marketing

vm1So I needed to work on something else and I’ve bought this course years earlier – so I started selling a physical product on Amazon. I was then able to make a few hundred to $1000+ sales in a month (I had a 30% profit margin) and I even had an Amazon representative contacted me about ‘creating a partnership with Amazon US retail’ with my product. But when the Malaysian currency suddenly went down, the product cost (which was in USD) became so much higher and unprofitable to sell anymore.


I thought about selling other physical products but that would involve another round of research to see what’s salable and if I could source for that particular item and make a profit. I’ll also need additional capital for the new production, packaging design and so on and I wasn’t even sure I could really make a profit with the currency being so unstable.


But with that small success I knew that IM works. I mean lots of people were making money online, in different areas or market, and so I just needed to find the ‘methods’ that would work for me. I also realized a very important thing about doing IM that is, I had more success when I spent more time and focus in the business than I did before.


I Spent Years & Thousands Of Dollars On Learning ‘How To Make Money Online’ Too

If you’ve bought a course/product on ‘Making Money Online’ and it’s totally utter crap – ask for a refund. Why not? I’ve done it myself. But if you’ve bought a product and you see so many people saying good stuff or even having real success with it, but it’s not working out for you, sometimes it’s really not the product itself.


Like my experience selling on Amazon for instance – I learned that from a course I bought. And it’s a lot of work setting up everything. So ok, I made some money with that before the currency crashed. Still, this didn’t quite work out well for me. But then there were others who bought the same course as I did, who made more than $1mil monthly sales on Amazon till today. So even if it didn’t work for me, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work at all.


And I’ve bought a few SEO products before. I used to have a few websites where I’d write all these articles to promote Affiliate products. I’d be busy with all these SEO stuff – trying to rank my webpages. I did have a 1st page listing on Google for ONE of my websites and the rest wasn’t generating any income. But still, I learned about Website Creation, Affiliate Marketing and so much more. At the same time, I studied about Designing and Video Creation to further enhance my work. So sometimes, it’s not all a total waste.


Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t like to spend on MMO courses/products unnecessarily either. But looking back at things, I’ve learned a lot over the years (useful stuff for my IM business) and the journey has brought me here today.


Valuable Lesson:

Everything we do today, leads to where we will be tomorrow.


Where Am I Heading

As you can see, I’m just an ordinary person and I didn’t even have much of money to start off with. I learned things the hard way, like a lot of people have. I’ve invested thousands in IM and made losses. I’ve also invested thousands on doing offline businesses and I’ve lost way more money than I did in IM (I have lost money in business to the point that I almost didn’t recover). Well, if doing business was that easy, everyone would be a billionaire, wouldn’t they?


So I’m not going to lie and say that I make thousands of dollars a month consistently with IM right now, because I’m not. I’m still running my offline business and I still do freelance jobs and that’s enough to make a living and pay the bills.


But after doing IM for years and having a better understanding of this business, I seriously want to make it my full-time business by the end of this year. So I’ve set out some tasks for myself – like setting up my videos and blogs, which I’ll talk more about in my other post. And hopefully the things I share here will help you in your business too…


Thank you for reading my story and watching my video. If you have anything to ask or share, do leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you. Have a great day ahead!


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