How To Get Youtube Subscribers Organically - With Just One Video

It’s funny how when we say we’ll do it later, then later can become so much later or worse still, never at all. And that’s what happened to me – it’s been 3 years since I’ve made any new videos to my Youtube channel! Honestly, it doesn’t even matter why, because time flies and the world will go on. So I guess if we really want to do something, we just got to figure out how to make the time for it. It won’t be easy to juggle everything – family, business and work. And I’m still juggling all these things myself, but there are many advantages of having your own YouTube channel, so let’s just do it!

Anyways, one the reasons why I was really excited to start working on my Youtube channel again was because I realised that my channel subscribers was still growing (I only had 28 subscribers back then), and even when I didn’t upload any new videos in the last 3 years. I have created other channels before, maybe I still do get views on my other channels, but not subscribers. When I look at all my videos, there was one particular video that had thousands of comments and 135k+ views (as of today), and this is the video that’s mostly getting people to subscribe to my channel.

So if you’re just starting out with YouTube, or your subscribers are not really growing, then watch this video and I hope it will give you some idea on what kind of videos to create so that your subscribers will keep on growing, even if you if don’t upload videos that frequently…

Video Transcript

Hey guys, this Lina Ali here and welcome to my channel. In this video, I wanna share with you How I’m getting youtube subscribers till today (Without making any new videos for the past 3 years!)

Before that, let me be honest, this is the 1st video I’m uploading to this channel since that time.

So here’s a brief story about my YT channel – When I created this channel 4 years ago, I was into video animations and at that time this channel was named ‘Pro Animated Videos’. But then I started doing product reviews, which weren’t related to animations. So for the sake of simplicity – I changed my channel name to Lina Ali.

Honestly, the name of your channel doesn’t really matter. However, it’s best to have one channel focusing on one niche – Simply because, it will be easier for you to grow that channel. Like if your channel is about gadgets, people who loves gadgets would subscribe to you. But if today you talk about gadgets, 2moro about how to cook dim sum, and the next day about music… It’s just too confusing. And when people don’t know what your channel is about, they are less prone to subscribe. And that make sense right?

Anyways, there a bunch of reasons why you should create a YT channel. Like I’ve made money from this channel myself, and I still have $20 in my adsense account generated from this channel, but the as you know YT changed it’s terms with the min subscribers and stuff, so the payment stopped awhile ago. But today’s topic is not about that, it’s about ‘How my subscribers grew when I did nothing for the past 3 years’. I mean nothing to my channel, because I was focusing on my offline biz. That’s part of the reason why I stopped making videos here.

But before I go on further, I would really like to say Thank You to all my subscribers, I really appreciate you guys subscribing to my channel and I just realized that I have thousands of comments over the last few years. Sorry if I couldn’t get to reply all of them…  But I will be sure to check out the comments more often. And if you haven’t subscribe yet, pls click the subscribe button below coz I’ll be sharing a lot more stuff like this in the future ok.

So let me show my YT channel. Now when you visit my channel today, I would have probably deleted some of videos which are no longer relevant or I’ve made some changes to the designs and stuff. But this actually what it looks like when I left it 3 years ago.

As you can see – I have uploaded 31 videos, and I have 671 subscribers today. It’s true, I don’t have that many subscribers. But then again, like I said, I stopped making new videos on this channel 3 years ago. And I just went through one of my videos coz I can’t remember how many subscribers I had back then… but here’s the number that I can see – it was 28 subscribers. And we all can agree that that’s not a lot right…

Anyways, just August last year I was in a workshop and they were talking about YT. And then I thought Oh I have a YT channel, let’s just look at it. Now what happens normally when you quit doing something? Well, nothing actually. Life goes on. And as far YT channel goes, I believe people will just forget you and your channel. That would normally be the case right? However, to my surprised I had gotten 500ish subscribers out of nowhere.

So here is what I discovered – out of all these videos, I believe that one particular video was making people subscribe to my channel and it is this video here ‘How to record your face and screen at the same time in Mac’.  Now last year, in August, as I recalled, I had around 96k views at that time. So it grew to 135k now.

So what is this video about? Actually, there’s nothing special about it – It’s just a simple tutorial video, there’s no animations… I even look like I just woke up. Even the title isn’t like a hot topic right. But none of that matters WHY, because thousands of people wanted to know how to do this – ‘How to record your face and screen at the same time in Mac’. Coz they didn’t know how. And in this video I gave them/showed them How to do it.

And how I came about this topic was actually quite simple – I was just starting my YT channel and wanted to rec videos but I didn’t want to pay for any expensive software. So basically I had the same problem as thousands of people, I found the solution and I just shared what I know though my tutorial. That’s it…

You see people subscribe to a channel for various reasons. I myself, when I watch a video and learn something that really helps me… I just click the subscribe button because that’s the way I kind of say thank you to that person. Or even maybe I wanted to learn more stuff from that person. So even, when I didn’t have any new videos, or worst I kind of disappeared for 3 years, people still subscribed to my channel.

And what if I had created more videos like that – that provided a solution, or help someone in some way, or gave some value to someone else… I would probably have gotten a lot more subscribers a long time ago.

So guys, here’s what I always belive, it’s never too late ok. Like I stopped making videos 3 years ago. And this is my 1st video on this channel in a very long time. And I’ll be making different types of videos, some maybe about products or whatever. And I’ll get different number of view for each videos. But I know no matter what, if I’m creating videos that provide value like the one just now – people will subscribe. Because I just proved it right?

So if you’re just starting with YT, or you have a channel but it’s not getting attention / subscribers – find something that people need help with, create some guide / tutorial videos related to your channel niche. Teach them something, give people value. And I’m pretty sure your subscribes will start to increase. And if you want to get more subscribers faster, well then just create more videos like that!

So ok guys. I hope this tip will give some ideas and help you grow your YT subscribers. Drop your comments below and tell me what you think, and of course click the subscribe button to get more tips from me. Thanks for watching! Bye bye now.

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