Life 1 (Series)


I started painting the “Life” series a few months after Covid hit the world when we all went into lockdown. To be honest, I haven’t done any painting for quite long time let alone create any form of artworks. I wasn’t even what you can call an Artist by profession.


Now, if you’ve read my story before, you’d know that I talked about wanting to be an Artist for the last 20 years but I never made the move.


So what happened during Covid?


Well, first of all, the business I was running at that time was suffering, like so many other businesses around me. My husband had just left the country to attend some family matters and he was stuck there. We had just bought a new car and the car couldn’t even be delivered due to the lockdown. There were lots of payments to be made and things were difficult financially. Yes, my whole world was turned upside down too.


But throughout all the chaos, there was also a ‘silence’ that I felt. Maybe it’s because being confined to the house, the silence just became more obvious to me everyday. And there were a lot of emotions that I can feel inside this silence – fear, lost, confusion, loneliness and also a sense of stillness inside.


So the moment that we were allowed to go out, I went out to get my art canvas and paint supplies. I just felt I needed to paint something. I got all excited coming back from the store but as I as soon as I put the canvas up on the easel, I could only stare at the blank canvas, and that went on for days. At the point of exhaustion, I thought about life at that very moment and suddenly I was painting.


I didn’t have a vision of what I was going to paint nor I didn’t know where the brushstrokes would lead to. I literally just let my emotions take control of the whole process.


It took me months to complete these 3 paintings. After I was done, I kept them safely away and never painted anything else. It was only a couple of months later that I finally got the courage to drop everything that I was doing and just focused on being what I really wanted to be – an Artist. And that’s when I finally put up these paintings for the world to see.


The collection “Life” will always carry a special meaning to me.