Using Video Marketing To Improve Your Google Ranking

I’ve started using video marketing to promote the products I was selling for many years. And today, video marketing has become more popular than ever. So I can confidently say that you MUST use video marketing to promote your products and services! Else, you’ll really be missing out on many great opportunities.

True enough, video marketing has become very competitive and the videos we see keeps getting more and more creative as more brands strive to compete against each other. But although it’s very competitive, the good news is, many people still do not do video marketing for some reason. And so if you decide to include video marketing in your business, you’ll still have good chance to stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, there are many good platforms that you can use for your video marketing campaign too. 

“We’re operating in a world where one good video can lead to a massive social following

— Mike Henry

A few years back I did this short video on how I use video marketing to promote a product I was selling on Amazon. In this video you’ll see that with just one video, I managed to boost my Google ranking for certain keywords I was targeting. This helped me pull traffic to my Amazon store and of course increased sales. Watch the video below as I explain further…

Video Transcript

Hey guys, it’s Lina Ali here. A few people have asked me about how I use video marketing and how did it helped me in my business. For those of you who don’t know, I actually have run a few offline and online businesses myself.

Now, I’ve sold stuff on ebay, I’ve done dropshipping, blogs doing affiliate marketing. But, I can’t talk about all the stuff that I’ve done in this video. So, I’m gonna share with you one of my physical product, that I’ve been selling on Amazon since 2015 and how I’ve used just one video to help me boost my sales.

Ok, this is my product – a silicone baby bib and the brand name is called Splurzee. So, I actually designed the box, the thank you note and I even included a gift inside.  It’s pretty nice I think, I mean I obviously like the product that’s why I’m selling it. Now, let’s move on to the interesting stuff…

Ok, so this is my website – As you can see, it’s pretty basic. I’m even using a free wordpress them. I don’t even write a lot of blog post or anything like that. So here are my videos and I only have 2 of them – 1 promo video and 1 is a customer testimonial video.

You can click on it in here but let’s take a look at my Youtube channel where I host these videos. This one has 40 views and this has 250 view. Now, I obviously optimized this video better than this one. And when a viewer clicks on the link below, they are taken straight to my Amazon product. This is my brand here and I’m not even the top seller, but my video sends the traffic over to my Amazon page and generate sales for me.

But that’s not the only way a video can help you. Let’s go to Google and type splurzee. Now, the first I see is the video, meaning the video gets indexed better than my website

Let’s go back to Youtube. Now, I’ve ranked No1 for other keywords in Google, but it’s not all that easy. With this product, there was a few keywords that I was targeting for.  One of it was ‘amazon best waterproof baby bib’. And if type this keyword in Youtube, you will see my video ranks at No2, over at Google, Im ranked No1. So if anyone was typing this in Google and they found my page, they would have been brought straight to my Amazon page and bought my product.

Let’s see another one, ‘best waterproof baby bib’, I’m ranked at No5 in Youtube. But in Google I’m not ranked on the 1st page here, but I’m ranked at… in videos. So if I want to really rank for this keyword over here, I have to do a bit more optimization on it.

Basically, what I’m trying to tell you is that, videos helps you get noticed a little bit easier in Google as compared to doing blogpost, article submissions and stuff like that. I myself didn’t do much of that for this product but video marketing actually helped me a lot.

I’ve sold close to a 1000pcs of these, I’ve done like 100pcs in a good month. However, just in case anyone’s gonna ask me about these bibs, I will discontinue this product soon, because Im in Malaysia and the currency went down so much since last year and the production cost which is in USD has gone up tremendously so it’s not viable for me to reorder and sell it anymore. But that’s totally a different topic altogether.

So put my product aside but imagine what video marketing can do for your product. What I mean is, whatever niche you are into, either you are doing online or offline business, selling physical or digital product, if you really want to jump start faster than your competitors, then use video marketing. If you can, create even 10 videos related to your products – like 1 for ‘how to use the product’, another with ‘customer reviews’, whatever. Put it up online, optimize it and you will definitely see the results coming in. If you want to know more about how I did with video marketing, then grab my free Video Marketing report and I’ll let you in my little secret.

Ok, that’s all for now.

Thanks for watching. I’ll catch you guys later. Bye bye then!

PS: Please note I have removed the free Video Marketing report to make new updates!

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