What is A Website, Webpage, Landing Page, Sales Page & Squeeze Page?

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When I started learning about online marketing some years ago, I learned how to set up my own website and then blog about various products on my site. I did make money from from blogging and soon after I discovered that there were more ways to making money online than just creating a website / blog. This is when I discovered about PAGES.

There are some pages that you might hear people talk about, and it could be confusing what these pages actually are sometimes. But once you understand what the differences are, you will know how to best use them in your business and marketing campaigns. Anyway, I’ll try to lay them out as simple as I could for you.

Website and Webpage

A website is a collection of webpages. Usually, a website has various information on a particular subject / topic. And instead of having all the information written on one page (like on the main website page – also called the Hompage), these topics will be put on different Webpages on the same Website.

Most businesses have a website to showcase all of there products and services. They usually are more formal and professional looking too. A good example would be an eCommerce store like Amazon where Amazon.com is the website and the products they showcase have their own individual pages (webpages).

However, a personal website or even a blog site in general does not appear to be so formal. A blog is also normally updated regularly and is more interactive. Still, these sites would have individual webpages too. And as I said before, these webpages makes up the whole website.

So you could say, a website is something like a whole book. And the webpages are the chapters inside that book.

Landing Page

Basically, a landing page is a page where you land when you arrive on a website. It can be any page – A homepage of a website, a product page on an eCommerce store, or even a sales pages.

However, when Marketers use the terms Landing Page, they often refer this page to a more precise kind of page that would perform a certain kind of function for them – like a Sales Page or a Squeeze Page (for making sales or collecting leads).

Let me explain these pages further…

Sales Page

Simply put, it’s a page that sells something.

However, a Marketer usually uses sales pages to sell a particular product (rather than a wide range of products like you see on some websites). The Sales Page would normally contain information explaining the features and benefits of that ‘one product’. Marketers often have multiple sales pages, with each sales page promoting individual products.

Having a good sales page is a great way to promote your product and increase sales because the customers who land on your sales page are more focus on that ‘one product/item/services’ that you are selling. The information written on your sales page can excite the customer to make a purchase.

Fact: Some marketers have been known to make thousands, even millions of dollars with just ONE of their Sales Pages.

Sales Page example

Squeeze Page

A squeeze page (also called lead pages) is also a type of landing page but with a ‘lead captured form’. Marketers often offer something of value, like a free gift to anyone who’s landed on this page in exchange for some information – like their name and email. These information can later be used by the marketer for future marketing campaigns.

You see, an interesting offer can entice people to enter their information. I’m sure we’ve all seen these kind of pages before (either we are aware of it or not), and you’ve probably submitted your details before too, in exchange for that ‘gift’ (I know I have too a dozen of times!).

Fact: Some marketers make thousands of dollars a month just by marketing to people who had earlier signed up to their Squeeze Pages.

Squeeze Page example

How Do Marketers Use Pages To Make Money Online?

Well, I myself have my own websites, blog, sales pages and squeeze pages. Each pages is used for different purposes (as I mentioned above). If you ask me whether you need to have all of the PAGES above to make money online – Although they each have their own advantages, I would say ‘NO’.

You see, you can make money online with any of the pages I mentioned earlier. But you don’t necessary need to have a website or even a blog. Apart from the fact that it requires monthly cost and maintenance – domain, hosting etc, not everyone really likes to blog. Blogging requires a lot of time and you need to blog consistently. Some people are not into that, which is ok.

BUT, if you are selling even a single product or service – regardless online or offline, then you should atleast have a sales page to explain your products or services. Remember, a well-written and professional looking Sales Page will help increase your sales. Also, when someone lands on your offer (that is your Sales Page) and you have a ready ‘Buy Button’ on that Sales Page – you are making it convenient for the customer to purchase your product instantly and not have to search for it elsewhere. Meaning, your business can run 24 hours a day, even when you’re sleeping – So when you wake up to see the sales made from your Sales Page, all you have to do is just fulfill that order. Isn’t that a much better way to market your products?

I hope this article gives you a better idea of what these pages are, their differences and how you can use them effectively.

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