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Lake Breeze
Mui Mui And Mina Cat

Upcoming Event

Lina Ali will be participating in the upcoming Asia Art Show.
Asia Art Show is an art exhibition which includes forum, private viewing and public viewing. It is scheduled to be held at *The Sheraton Hotel, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia in August, 2022.
*The exhibition date and other details will be announced soon. 

Artist Bio


Born in 1979 in Malaysia, Lina Ali expresses her love for arts and creativity through oil on canvas and occasionally works with mediums such as acrylics and charcoal as well as digital arts. Each of her painting takes you to a deep emotional level and manifest an unspoken sensual beauty, where fantasy and reality become one. Ali employs colours based on her intimate feelings of each individual artwork, inside of which every soft brushstroke or element blends with each other as if they are an extension of one another. Through each carefully sized artwork, Ali brings you along a journey with the stories she tells in them.


YB Datuk Mas Ermieyati Samsudin

Photo of YB Datuk Mas Ermieyati Samsudin, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department in charge of Parliament and Law with Lina Ali, and her painting “Graceful Strength”.

Kartini Ariffin

Photo of Kartini Ariffin, TV host, actress and entrepreneur with Lina Ali, and her painting “In Her Moment” at the Pandora Art Exhibition launch, Kuala Lumpur.


Photo of Puan Zanita Anuar, Director of Collections Conservation and Exhibitions at National Art Gallery Malaysia with Lina Ali, and her painting “Journey” at the Rentas 360 Art Exhibition launch, Kuala Lumpur.

Photo of Ruby SK Siah, Managing Director of Beaubelle with Lina Ali, and her painting “Heart Of The Magical Water” which is displayed in Beaubelle’s Flagship Salon.

Lina Ali has launched her 1st children’s illustration storybook called “Tommy Goes To Heaven”. The launch helped raise funds for the ‘Back To School’ charity program, which is a collaborative project organized by AKRAB.

Photo of Rita Hatta, founder of Art Market Malaysia with Lina Ali, and her paintings at the Four Seasons, Kuala Lumpur.


Lina Ali was shortlisted for the Setia Karya Art Competition 2022, organised by SP Setia Berhad.

Featured On


Lina Ali with Daniel Tolson, Australia’s #1 business expert on Emotional Intelligence.

What People Say

The painting brought out the spirit of BEAUBELLE Swiss skincare in our Beaubelle Flagship Salon. Swiss Alpine Spring Water with its pristine, crystal, pure clear water from the Alps to the Beaubelle facility, and goes into every jar and bottle of Beaubelle skincare. Hence Lina was commissioned by Beaubelle to paint this beautiful masterpiece of Swiss Alpine Spring Water Streams to showcase the brand DNA. Thank you Lina. 🙏🙏❤️❤️

If anyone who is keen to bring to life anything in painting, I would highly recommend Lina Ali.
Ruby SK Siah
Managing Director of Beaubelle
Lina is so reliable when it comes to product quality. I always trust that she'll deliver with full integrity and honesty!
Zura Huzali
Business Development Director
Lina was one of my 100XDNA students and she was wonderful. Her determination and enthusiasm is apparent and contagious. She even sent me a beautiful painting of my pets as a token when she finished my program.

Lina is not just a student, but a lifelong friend of mine. Her skills, professionalism and kindness is a gem to find.
Daniel Tolson
Australia's #1 business expert on Emotional Intelligence
The death of a pet can create a sense of loss and grief which can psychologically impact people in various ways. Bereaved pet parents can be upset, angry, confused, shocked, sad and may also have to get used to re-adjusting their schedules without their pets. It is natural to feel loss especially as we see in this book that Tommy and Lily along with the other two cats have an amazing bond and cared for each other. Everybody grieves differently and Lily’s dream was a beautiful depiction of how she processed her loss and understood that Tommy was in a beautiful place.
Michael Thiemann​
Founder of Strategy-Lab
We have done a few TVCs for a few major brands where Lina was the project manager cum producer, and I was the composer. If you need someone who can get things rolling and bridge your voice to the right person, Lina is the person that you're looking for! Energetic, great communicator, and excellent problem solver.
Ken Hor​
Director at Inner Voices Studio
Lina wears a big heart, beaming with a warm smile and always full of energy. She’s very helpful in assisting others in the course we took together, true team player and shows a high degree of enthusiasm in everything she does, generates creative solution with attention to detail in all her work. She’s extremely passionate when she talks about arts and that precisely, tells you how much she cares about her art work.
Anthony Geaitani
Digital Transformation Leader