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Born in 1979 in Malaysia, Lina Ali expresses her love for arts and creativity through oil on canvas and occasionally works with mediums such as acrylics and charcoal as well digital arts. Each of her painting takes you to a deep emotional level and manifest an unspoken sensual beauty, where fantasy and reality become one. Ali employs colours based on her intimate feelings of each individual artwork, inside of which every soft brushstrokes or elements blends with each other as if they are an extension to one another. Through each carefully sized artwork, Ali brings you along a journey with the stories she tells in them.



Photo of YB Datuk Mas Ermieyati Samsudin, Deputy Minister of MEDAC and Lina Ali, with her painting “Graceful Strength”.


Photo of Daniel Tolson, Australia’s #1 business expert on Emotional Intelligence and Lina Ali, sharing about her journey as an Entrepreneur turned Artist.

She has been invited to speak at Daniel Tolson’s 100x DNA Masterclass more than once and has spoken in front of more than a thousand people in those events.

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Lina is so reliable when it comes to product quality. I always trust that she'll deliver with full integrity and honesty!
Zura Huzali
Business Development Director
The artwork was really amazing. Took her almost 1 week to complete the painting. The outcome made my jaw drop. Eyes catching portrait!
Sylvia James
Account Manager
Lina is an Ambitious and Loyal person...
I trust her that she will deliver her promises.

Larry Tang TW
Insurance Agent