About Me

Hi, I Am Lina Ali

My experience in sales began at the age of 16, where I worked after school hours as a promoter at Parkson departmental store. Back then, my family had some financial difficulties, and my intentions were merely to help them get through it.

Now obviously at that time, I didn’t really understand what sales was all about. But somehow, I was good at it (for example making a few thousand in just 2 hours selling rm20-30 ($5) items). I never need to push for sales, and I didn’t know how anyway. And at that time, partime promoters like me wasn’t paid any commissions, so clearly money wasn’t my motivation. I didn’t understand it myself back then. But, I do remember many customers  saying to me “I wish there were more people like you” or even they were buying more items/pieces I was selling because of me. And what they meant was that – they felt I was being sincere and helpful in trying to assist them. And I was. Thinking about it, I believe it’s their kind words that motivated me keep doing my job better.

Well, it’s also often said that when you do good, good things will come to you. So because I was good at sales, many brands tried to ‘pinch’ me to work for them, and I became the highest paid partimer at that time. Sure, it wasn’t like I was making tons of money, but I did feel proud of myself, and apart from being able to help my family, I learnt a very important lesson in life – be sincere and honest in everything you do, it will go a long way!

“EXPERIENCES from our youth SHAPE what we do later in LIFE

The Journey

Throughout the years, I’ve  worked with big firms and small firms (even being the key person handling an RM17mil ($4mil) project). I’ve ran my own businesses and sold my business before. I also did couple of freelance works, even in the entertainment industry. I enjoyed being the person ‘behind the scenes’, organising and coordinating projects, rather than getting on stage. Yes, I had fun – working!

Although I was involved in various industries… the role I took was always either related to sales and marketing, or project coordination and communications. I’d say that gave me good exposure and experience in running my own businesses later on. And having to meet lots of great people from different walks of life along the way – that’s priceless!

While I enjoyed doing what I do, I was still keen on learning new things. And that’s when I started getting involved with online marketing (selling products on eBay, Amazon, Affiliate Marketing & so on). With the knowledge I have gained in digital marketing throughout these years, I was able to not only make money with digital products, but also implement some strategies for my own business growth too (both physical shops and products).

“You will get there but only if you keep going” 

The Time Is Now...

After recently attending Vince Tan’s Entrepreneur Masterclass 2019, I realised that I have put a lot of things I really want to do in life on hold. Family, work, business – life keeps us pretty busy. So we have to choose the things we want to focus more on, and even maybe let go of somethings. There’s a lot more stuff that I learned from Vince,  sure enough that will take pages to write! But in all sincerity, he’s a really great guy and a really great mentor!

Hence, the time is now for me – beginning with the revamped of this blog. With my personal experiences and knowledge in business and digital marketing, I hope to be able to share a lot of things that could help you in your business as well. I’ll also be doing some tutorials and reviews on various products, including designing and video creation tools that I personally use, as well as products that other marketers use, which may be very useful to you and your business growth too.

There’s a lot more good stuff coming your way. So stay tune and stay connected with me. Thanks for stopping by, catch up with you again soon!