Menampi Beras

The Story

This painting was showcased in the Malaysia-Japan Festival 2022.

‘Menampi beras’ is a Malaysian tradition that was practised for many generations a long time ago. ‘Menampi beras’ in the English language means ‘winnowing rice’, which is the process of cleaning the rice before being cooked. The tool used for the cleaning process is called ‘nyiru’, is made from either rattan or bamboo and usually has an oval or rounded shape. The method to winnow the rice is unique, whereby the rice is thrown up and down into the air using the ‘nyiru’ with some slight force.


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  • Title: Menampi Beras
  • 2″ X 3″ X 0.75″ (in)
  • Medium: Oil on canvas
  • Others: Stretched canvas with sides painted
  • Year: 2022