The Story

“Obsessions” is about a journey into one’s soul.

My inspiration came as I was painting and listening to the audiobook ‘Be Obsessed or Be Average’ by Grant Cardone, at the same time. I had a picture of what I wanted to paint in my mind but in the course of a few days, my brush strokes started to change. I had moments of confusion and almost threw the painting away. Even so, my heart wouldn’t let me stop as ‘something’ was calling me to complete the painting. I realized the painting had changed several times and that I was also chanting the word “Obsessions” in my mind over and over again throughout the whole time. I finally understood the story that the painting was trying to tell me, it is the story of “Obsessions”.

There are underlying strokes vividly seen, layered on top of each other and defining obsessions in different manners. Each layer keeps on evolving and finally, there it is, as it all unfolds and surfaced to the top, true “Obsessions”.

Obsessions come in a variety of colours, be it bold and passionate as the bright untamed red to the orange sun and mellow yellow, sexy and mysterious as the black hole with a touch of white snow, or the spirited blue that exudes tranquility with the greens, they greys and all the other colours of life that lives in it.

Discovering our very own “Obsessions” requires a deep journey into one’s soul. Getting there liberates the soul and unleashes something in us that is far greater than what we would imagine.


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  • Title: Obsessions
  • 33.1″ x 23.4″ x 0.75″ (in) – Size A1
  • Medium: Oil on canvas
  • Year: 2022