Pohon Beringin

The Story

The ‘wayang kulit’ (shadow play) in Malaysia tells the tales derived from the famous Indian epic Ramayana, or as the localized Malay folk version called Hikayat Maharaja Wana or Hikayat Seri Rama.

The ‘pohon beringin’ or the ‘Banyan tree’ (also referred to as ‘Tree of life’) is the most important element in the shadow play and is placed in the middle of the screen before and after the performance ends. It symbolizes a fully loaded world containing all live forms.


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  • Title: Pohon Beringin
  • 16.5″ X 23.4″ X 0.75″ (in) – Size A2
  • Medium: Oil on canvas
  • Others: Canvas Roll
  • Year: 2023