Mana Lina NFT

From Painting To NFT

The Mana Lina (part 1) is the first painting created for the Mana Lina series. Other paintings in this series will be introduced in the near future.

The Mana Lina was created from inspiration while taking into account stories from eastern history, along with Leonardo Da Vinci’s life story, the culture and beliefs during his era, his teachings, and so much more.

Expanding on Leonardo’s teachings, his painting techniques were used to not only make the eyes but also the whole Mana Lina body turns to face the viewer from any angle viewed.

Whereupon by Leonardo’s death closed the door upon his exploration of the state of human knowledge during the Renaissance; the Mana Lina is an evocative work that opens a new door that explores the hidden wisdom and mysteries of the older Oriental Traditions.

The Mana Lina NFT series dives deeper into her character which represents strong women and advocates women empowerment.

Welcome to the Mana Lina NFT world!

The Mana Lina Original Oil Painting

Mana Lina NFT Collection

This is the first NFT collection release from the Mana Lina (Part 1) painting series. Each NFT is unique and showcases different Mana Lina characteristics. Be the first to own them before they get snatched away!

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Photo of original oil painting











What Will You Get With The NFT?

Surprise! Surprise!

Grab any of these NFTs and you will also get exclusive invites for various events relating to women empowerment, NFT and other events, and also be invited to launchings of Marketplace and Metaverse in the future. Apart from that, you’ll be in the priority list to receive updates and special announcements for the next Mana Lina series releases and other exciting launches. You’re definitely in for a treat when you grab these NFTs.

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Mana Lina Fun Facts

Who Is Mana Lina?

Mana Lina depicts the strength and determination of the woman while also showing how she has acquired confidence through wisdom over time. She advocates women's empowerment and cherishes what life has to offer, and she definitely has her fun side too.

Where Is Mana Lina from?

Mana Lina was born in Malaysia and is a mixture of oriental heritage. However, some say she could be the descendent from places even further away such as Italy and France!

What are her Characteristics?

  • Smart
  • Strong and determined
  • Full of life
  • Enjoys food and traveling
  • Loves fashion, style and more!

What does her name mean?

'Mana’ in the Malaysian language means Where, and ‘Lina’ is a person’s name. To read more story about Mana Lina, click here.

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