Kiss From A Rose: Resilient Heart

The Story

(‘Kiss From A Rose’ – A series visualized in the mind more than 10 years ago and now brought to life)

Here stood a woman with her silhouette framed by the first golden rays of sunlight. Her eyes fixed on a solitary red rose. A serene smile played on her lips, reflecting the inner strength that dwelled within her heart.

The red rose, close to her lips, showcased its resilience and fortitude through its unfurled petals. Despite life’s challenges, it stood proudly, symbolizing hope and renewal. 

In that moment, she envisioned a world where courage met adversity, and obstacles served as stepping stones toward growth. 

This scene reminds us that even in darkness, a glimmer of light shines on the horizon, guiding us home. And within every soul lies an unyielding resilience, a testament to the beauty of the human spirit.

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  • Kiss From A Rose (series)
  • Title: Resilient Heart
  • 16.5″ X 23.4″ X 0.75″ (in) – Size A2
  • Medium: Oil on canvas
  • Others: Stretched canvas with sides painted
  • Year: 2024