What Kind Of Art Should You Make?

As you might know, I just started my career as an Artist in January 2021. As someone who’s new to the industry, I obviously had a lot of questions on my mind even before I started.

So I believe many people who have just started themselves might have the same questions too, like “What kind of art should I make?” and “What medium should I use?”

Although having choices is great, unfortunately, it can also be confusing.

Let me be honest with you here, I myself do not have the answers because well, basically there is no definite answer.

And in my case, I love doing all sorts of different artworks and using various different mediums so it is very difficult for me to choose just one thing!

But if there’s one thing that I do know, is that ‘waiting’ to find the ‘right’ answers could waste you a lot of time or worst hold you back from doing anything at all.

Let's Take A Look At Some Options...

There are many types of art styles that you can get into, here’s just a few that I’ve listed down:

  • Portrait
  • Landscape
  • Abstract
  • Modern
  • Impressionist
  • Pop Art
  • Surrelism
  • Contemporary
  • Fanstasy
  • And others

And obviously there are also many types of art mediums that you can use too. Depending on the artwork that you’re making (painting, sculpture etc), you can use mediums such as:

  • Oil paint
  • Acrylics
  • Watercolour
  • Charcoal
  • Pencil
  • Crayon
  • Resin
  • And more

The advantage of going Niche

There is a great advantage by going niche into a specific kind of work.

Now what I mean by going niche here is by focusing on a particular art style, for example ‘Abstract Art’ and also perhaps working with a particular medium too, for example ‘oil paint’.

By showcasing all our artwork to be mainly ‘Abstract art in oil paint’, it will make it easier for others to identify and ascosiate us as an Artist proficient in abstract art using oil paint. 

Some artists have also developed their own signature style or design which makes their artwork even more personal and  unique. I believe this is something that would come naturally to us through practice and experience.

How To Decide

When it comes to making a decision on something like this, I would always say ‘Just ask yourself what is it that you want to do?’

Whatever decision you make, it should be based on what you like or love doing and not what other people think is better. 

Remember there is no right or wrong answer.

Have fun thinking about it and you should feel happy making that decision too!


What Do You Do When You Can't Decide?

After doing my research and talking to a number of people, I still couldn’t decide on what particular art style I should be making.

Yes, I know the advantages of going niche but I love doing all sorts of art style and playing around with all types of art mediums too…

And I can’t imagine myself not doing portraits just because I love doing abstract art, or even stop creating fantasy artwork. And what about things like digital art, I love creating digital art as much as I love painting with the brush too.

Decisions, decisions, decisions… Some are just harder to make than others.

And so finally I tell myself “I don’t care, I’ll just do what I want to do!”.

If today I feel like doing a sketch, so be it… Perhaps tomorrow I’ll work on my oil painting, I’m good with that too.

And actually, I could create all sorts of artworks for my clients and according to their requirements too – be it a sketched portrait, an abstract oil painting, a digital art and so on. Perhaps by giving them a variety of options works out to be an added advantage for me as well!

Well, who knows, maybe someday I might stick to just one style. As long as I’m happy doing it, I know I’ll be ok.

Final Words...

For me, there’s no right or wrong. If you can’t decide what art style to go with, or what niche to go with in any field for the matter, the worst thing you can do is ‘wait’ till you find the ‘right’ answer. Remember, ‘waiting’ will not give you the answer you need but ‘doing’ will.

So if you still can’t decide, just do what makes you happy!

“If you have a choice of two things and can't decide, take both"
- Gregory Corso